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August 2019 – Top 5

GoodHair by Meroo Seth

1. GoodHair by Meroo Seth

GoodHair is a line of high-quality, naturally handcrafted personal care products for your hair that intends to make them more natural and healthy. The branding is optimistic, thoughtful and responsible, (…)

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Ranganath Krishnamani

2. Ranganath Krishnamani

Ranganath Krishnamani is a multidisciplinary designer from Bangalore, India. He is specializing in illustration, art direction and user experience. Creative Director and founder at Liquidink Design Studio. (…)

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Taxonomy Posters by Pop & Pac Studio

3. Taxonomy Posters by Pop & Pac Studio

The Taxonomy Posters, by Pop & Pac were created to educate coffee enthusiasts on the anatomy of coffee; positioning square one as a leader an educator and the one’s in (…)

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Thomas Rohlfs

4. Thomas Rohlfs

Thomas Rohlfs started as a freelance illustrator in 2009. He specialises in digital painting and can work in a variety of styles. He also likes to combine his illustrations with (…)

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Nuage by Anagrama

5. Nuage by Anagrama

Anagrama created a brand for Nuage, a gourmet popcorn brand from India. They developed a visual solution through a system of color and shapes around the name of the brand; (…)

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