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January 2019 – Top 5

Obby by Koto

1. Obby by Koto

Rethink learning with Obby – With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning. The platform supports a fast-expanding range of subjects, (…)

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Girls Organic Lab | Branding

2. Girls Organic Lab by Sweety & Co

Girls Organic Lab creates organic personal care products personalized to individual needs. The result is a custom product that addresses each customer’s concerns with excellence. Sweety & Co has created (…)

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Graphit Typeface by Lit Design Studio

3. Graphit Typeface by Lit Design Studio

Graphit is a typeface designed by Lit Design Studio & curated by HvD Fonts. It combines clear, geometric shapes with edgy yet finely-crafted details. Graphit features uncompromising characters such as (…)

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The True Honey Co. by Marx

4. The True Honey Co. by Marx

When Marx Design were briefed, they immediately knew this was an opportunity to create an exceptional piece of work. With Kate Phillips from TypeB they developed a brand positioning built (…)

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Australian National Maritime Museum | Branding

5. Australian National Maritime Museum by Frost*collective

The future-forward branding and creative strategy by Frost* repositions the Australian National Maritime Museum under the brand idea of ‘The Spirit of Adventure’; a highly experience-based brand designed to renew (…)

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