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May 2019 – Top 5

Mamie by Violaine & Jeremy

1. Mamie by Violaine & Jeremy

Violaine & Jeremy created the identity, illustrations and menus for Mamie, the new parisian restaurant by Jean Imbert. They drew 2 custom fonts for Mamie’s identity. After B.B. at Club (…)

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Julian Essink

2. Julian Essink

Julian Essink is a German photographer, based in Hamburg. In early 2016 he completed his bachelor of arts degree in photography&media at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. The (…)

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Aleksey Baydakov

3. Aleksey Baydakov

Aleksey Baydakov is an artist and character designer from Moscow. He works in a field of illustration since 2010, creating characters and story in one image. Aleksey has collaboration with (…)

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Mac by Co-Partnership

4. Mac by Co-Partnership

A smooth local from Byron Bay, Australia The Brook family have been farming Macadamia’s on their farm in the Byron hinterland since the 1980’s. In 2016 they launched Brookie’s Bryon (…)

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TRÜF Creative


TRÜF is a brand design studio based in Los Angeles, California. They’ve been creating brand identities for clients for many years and finally decided to design some stuff for Theirselves. (…)

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