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November 2019 – Top 5

Calvin Sprague Illustration

1. Calvin Sprague

Calvin Sprague is an American illustrator based in Rotterdam with a knack for colorful, retro & playful styles. Experimenting with basic lines & shapes, he finds harmony by bridging the (…)

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UpDn raw bar by Ohmybrand

2. UpDn Raw Bar by Ohmybrand

Sometimes, in order to look at the problem from a new angle, you just need a little snack. Bright packaging of bars literally illustrates the idea that a tasty and (…)

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Daniel Jensen: Current Events by Bedow

3. Daniel Jensen: Current Events by Bedow

Book design for Swedish artist Daniel Jensen by Stockholm based studio Bedow. The book — Current Events — was released in conjunction with his solo exhibition at Björkholmen Gallery in (…)

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Metáfora by Pacifica

4. Metáfora by Pacifica

Metáfora (Metaphor) is an olive oil with a millenarian blend created from ancestral olive trees that preserves the timeless qualities of an olive oil where a living metaphor of a (…)

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Paper Birds by Guardabosques

5. Paper Birds by Guardabosques

The paper birds by Guardabosques were born with the idea of having those birds in their home, without being caged. Aesthetics aside, they want to generate a concience and curiosity (…)

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