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October 2019 – Top 5

Luis Toledo Laprisamata Illustration

1. Luis Toledo Laprisamata

From very young, the look of Luis Toledo explored the inquisitive reality, analyzing the hidden meaning of every image, dissecting the mystery of beauty. That´s how, as a meticulous collector, (…)

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Green Conut by Sump Design

2. Green Conut by Sump Design

Green Conut was first established as a professional handmade soap supplier. It has been more than seven years since founded. Its products are diversified and have a loyal customer base. (…)

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Raw Halo by B&B Studio

3. Raw Halo by B&B Studio

The premium chocolate category is closely aligned with luxury, and has followed its evolution from exclusivity and affluence, to exoticism and craft, to an emerging focus on health and wellness. (…)

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Cako typeface by Violaine & Jeremy

4. Cako typeface by Violaine & Jeremy

Cako typeface was designed in 2019 in Paris by Jérémy Schneider. What makes Cako unique is its very graphic shapes of letters and serifs and its numerous stylistic alternates (…)

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Wheelies by Stitch Design Co.

5. Wheelies by Stitch Design

Fresh, delicious, made-to-order mini donuts and locally roasted coffee served hot from their traveling Citroen kitchen. Wheelies nourishes the hearts, bellies, and imaginations of hardworking joy-seekers everywhere. The identity for (…)

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