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Febuary 2020 – Top 5

Misra & Misra by Alice Helfer

1. Misra & Misra by Alice Helfer

Misra & Misra, designed by Alice Helfer was founded in 2017 by the Misra sisters, it is cosy middle eastern coffee shop and restaurant located in the center of Paris …

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Team O'Neill Europe | Portugal

2. Team O’Neill Europe | Portugal

From dawn patrol to sunsets, many miles, siestas and dirt roads. At the end of a busy contest season, Team O’Neill Europe came together to share some fun waves across …

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Conserva Collective by Peltan-Brosz Studio

3. Conserva Collective by Peltan-Brosz Studio

The Gulf of California is one of the most diverse seas on the planet, home to thousands of species of organisms. Here there are hundreds of islands, many of which …

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Raúl Urias

4. Raúl Urias

Raúl Urias is a visual artist and illustrator currently based in Mexico City. His pieces have been part of several group exhibitions and one solo show. His work as an …

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The Rusted Pixel

5. The Rusted Pixel

Paul aka The Rusted Pixel is a 3D designer and director who’s worked with brands such as Google, Snapchat, Disney Jr., Expedia, Hasbro, Oculus Rift and others. His work tends …

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